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The Wonders Park in Nerul, Navi Mumbai

I’ve been always rather skeptic about the miniature copies of the world landmarks – what’s the point of exhibiting them if the size doesn’t give an option to display the workmanship. Of course, you may have a rough idea of what a structure is like, but sometimes the idea is so rough that you may actually lose any desire of seeing the original. Perhaps that’s why we kept postponing our visit to the Wonders Park in Nerul, Navi Mumbai. Well, I wasn’t mistaken about the exhibits, but fortunately the place had something else to offer. But first things first:)

We took a bike ride to Nerul early in the morning – it’s the only time when you can avoid this killing heat of the Indian summer. This year it’s especially hot! It didn’t took us long to find the place – thanks to google maps it’s impossible to lose your way these days


Uran Road, Nerul, Navi Mumbai – 400706, Opposite MSEB Office, Sector 19 A

Entry fees, rides and parking

The cost of the entry ticket is 35 Rs for adults and 25 Rs for kids 5 under 12 years old. The visitors are also expected to pay 25 Rs for a toy train ride , which is far more expensive than our [url=]toy train in Vashi[/url], but the ride is also considerably longer.  There is also a comfortable parking space, and you’ll pay 10 RS for parking a bike and 50 Rs for a car.

Wonders Park Nerul


6.00 to 12.00 am

3.00 to 9.00 pm

SO, let’s buy the tickets..


And walk through the gate…

Wonders Park Nerul

Well, to be honest a large open space with every inch of the ground hidden under the pavement is not my idea of a park, but let’s not jump into conclusions 🙂

Wonders Park Nerul

Just to the left you can find a “railway station” and a little further – the miniature copies of the world wonders.

Wonders Park Nerul

As usual, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of a beautiful flower – isn’t it a nice addition to my collection of [url=]Indian flowers[/url]?

Wonders Park Nerul Wonders Park Nerul

This is a sort of modernistic bench.

Wonders Park Nerul

In the morning there were hardly any people around, but I’m sure the Wonders park is rather crowded in the evening, and if you can’t get a place to sit on a bench, you can always opt for an amphitheater – here it is in the distance.

Wonders Park Nerul

But here we are near the replicas of the world’s wonders. Coliseum and especially Taj Mahal were made on a higher artistic level than the rest of the exhibits. I can imagine the monuments are beautifully illuminated in the evening – I’ve noticed lights at the base of each of them.

Wonders Park - The Taj Mahal

The Taj MahalThe Wonders Park - Macchu Piccu

Macchu PicchuThe Wonders Park - Chichen Itza

Chichen ItzaThe WOnder Park - Colosseum

The Wonders Park Nerul - Colosseum Colosseum 

Christ the Redeemer

Christ the RedeemerThe Wonders Park in Nerul Petra - Al Khazneh

Wonders Park Nerul Petra

Petra – Al Khazneh Teh Wonders Park Nerul - The great wall of China

The Great wall of China

The rest of the artwork in the park are not that great – I found this one rather macabre, for example. Giant purple hands rising from the water:)

Wonders Park Nerul

And here is the toy train. It’s available for rides 3.00 to 7.00 in the afternoon. I’m not sure whether it’s only for kids or parents can join them too. If it’s only for kids, I don’t think I would let Adriana and Alexandra go – the round is too large and I don’t think it’s a nice idea to let the child out of your sight.

Wonders Park Nerul

There are also a few hitech rides, but what I really appreciated about the Wonders park was their incredible playpark area. Unlike many [url=]other playparks  in Navi Mumbai[/url] with standard sets of slides and swings, this one was original and well planed, not to mention its soft rubber-like flooring. In spite of the color scheme with predomination of black and grey, which makes the whole setup a bit gothic, the play area gives a very nice impression. A child can spend hours here without getting bored and the variety of things to do is amazing. I can’t wait to take the girls to this park! Here are just a few of the units:


In spite of my criticism, the Wonders Park in Nerul is actually worth giving a try, especially if you come with kids. If you feel uncomfortable in the crowd, I would advise to visit in the morning.


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