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Top 5 Travel Tips For Introverts

Interested in some useful travel tips for introverts? Keep reading! 

While I’m strongly convinced that people can be easily categorized and labeled as introverts or extraverts, I’ve been always considered myself an extremely introverted person. The world may consider introverts some sort of hermits who never want to come out of their homes, but they aren’t exactly right. Introverts are simply people who tend to keep more to themselves and restore their energy levels best when being left to themselves.

Just like an extraverted person feels optimal in a company of other people, for an introvert’s peace of mind it’s absolutely crucial to  stay on their own – at least sometimes. And you may find it strange, but going on  trip is a perfect opportunity to fulfill this need. Even if you’re surrounded by many people when traveling, they are all strangers, and you don’t have to socialize with them. And it’s as good as being alone.

Being an introvert comes with more traits of quietness, thoughtfulness and sometimes shyness. This definitely doesn’t mean introverts don’t love to travel. Seeing the world and having cultural experiences is something many introverts love, they just may enjoy doing it in a different way. Read more below about some travel tips for introverts to enjoy yourself during your trip.

Travel tips for introverts

Take a Solo Travel Trip

Sometimes one of the biggest influences and what makes or breaks our vacations is the people we are with. Introverts especially tend to feel drained after being around people whose energy they don’t find revitalizing. Solo traveling is perfect for introverts needing to get away, providing all the time and freedom to plan your trip how you want. While it’s important to keep issues with safety in mind when traveling alone, solo travel can be a great way to learn about the world and yourself. It also liberates introverts from getting dragged into going anywhere on their trip they’d rather not go.

Take it easy, don’t try to squeeze in too much

It can be exciting to explore a new place at times. Sometimes it can be tempting to fill our days with all the best things in town that are available. While it is definitely recommended to take advantage of what you can and see as many sites as possible, one of the best travel tips for introverts is to not overbook and overwhelm yourself with plans. It’s extra important for introverts who want to preserve their energy.

For example, I was really tempted to squeeze in both the Ellora and Ajanta caves into my one day journey. I was not sure it would be possible or me to take another trip anytime soon, but fortunately I had enough good sense to postpone my visit to Ajanta.

Ajanta caves

Bring a Travel Journal or start a blog

Another myth about introverts is that they don’t like people. Sure, while some introverts may choose to avoid large gatherings where they have to fake small-talk interactions with many people, this doesn’t mean they don’t get lonely. Traveling solo is great but sometimes it’s nice to share about your experiences.

Utilizing a journal helps introverts reflect and express their thoughts as they are known for being deep and observant. Journaling is a great way to track your days, express your thoughts and relieve stress. Journals are a perfect way to share past experiences with friends or family.

Writing can be an excellent tool to process feelings, experiences, and emotions. I used to write journals long, long ago. Then I found international penpals and used to describe my little journey around Ukraine to them. Then I moved to India and started this blog (along with pages in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).

If journaling isn’t your thing, you could try blogging now too! But I must warn you, once you start a blog, life will never be simple again, ha ha! Sometimes I think keeping a blog takes as much care as raising a child. But it’s also extremely rewarding.

 Bring something of emotional comfort with you

Honestly, this is a good idea for anyone traveling, regardless of if they are introverted or not. Having an item that reminds you of home or stability can be extremely comforting. While introverts aren’t the same as hermits, they do appreciate their time at home in the comfort of their own space.

Bringing something of emotional comfort with them can help reduce any anxiety or stress one may feel from being away from their safe space. This can really be anything and will provide an extra level of comfort on the trip. Some people may bring a pillow, stuffed animals, or their favorite pair of slippers. Anything that makes them feel cozy and safe essentially.

For me, it’s been always books from my home library. One can find me reading in trains, buses, waiting rooms, gardens and so on. Having one of my favorite books in my backpack gives the very emotional comfort I’m talking about in  this passage.

Read Up On Your Destination Before You Go

Again, this is important for all travelers but especially introverts who tend to like certain activities and feel more comfortable doing certain things. Understanding what the local environment is like ahead of time can help reduce travel anxiety by tenfold. Pick up a brochure or travel magazine from your local trip agency. Read into the kind of restaurants, museums, excursions, etc. there are where you will be around. Read on travel tips for introverts from your favorite influencers, if you have any. Again, this is your trip, so it is all about planning things that will make the introvert soul happy. Introverts are also natural learners and curious observers. Diving into an awesome piece of literature reflective of the destination can be a great way to immerse oneself better.

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These are just a few tips for introverts to make their trips better. The most important part of the trip and the message trying to get put across is simply doing what you want! Vacation is all about self-care, relaxation, and putting yourself first, and that looks different to everyone.

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travel tips for introverts

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