photojaanic travel photo book soft cover
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A travel photo book for my mom

photojaanic travel photo book soft cover

In a couple of months my mom is coming to visit us in India for the fifth time. I love this feeling of excitement when something pleasant is going to happen in the nearest future. Adriana, Alexandra and Ares (my kids, in case you’re new here) are waiting for her with great anticipation, and so am I and the whole extended family here in India. We’re all preparing some little surprises for her, ranging from pretty handmade postcards (kids) to sets of her favourite Indian toiletries (my mother-in-law). As for a gift from me, the idea to create a photo album and then get it printed as a travel photo book came quite naturally.

Why did I think of a travel photo book?

It was me who introduced my mom to travel in the first place, and I still do my best to encourage her to see more of this world. Raising my brother and me while enduring the hardships of the post-soviet time, she rarely had a chance to go anywhere further than a small town near the village we lived in.  After I moved to India and started this travel blog, she became rather enthusiastic about the idea of traveling, too. By now she has seen quite a lot of Ukraine, got a glimpse of Istanbul and Abu-Dhabi and, of course, we’ve traveled quite a lot across India. So I just thought that a cute travel photo book would make a fitting present.

How I created the photo book

   Of course, I could just buy a simple photo album and fill it with photo printouts, but I wanted something more attractive and less clichéd. An extensive research brought out lots of web-to-print services, and after looking through quite a few of them I’ve selected Not only they promised a speedy delivery (within 3-5 working days), but the process of creating a travel photo book through their website seemed to be quick, fun and hassle-free. Also, across the social media I’ve found a lot of genuine feedback comments with pictures of this company’s products: wedding photoalbums, wall calendars, Valentine’s cards, softcover and hardcover photobooks, keychains, mousepads, mounted prints and posters.

After a quick registration, I went straight to the “Photobooks” section and selected 8×8 softcover book from the dropdown list. There were many templates to choose from: Avant-Garde, Beach, Classic, contemporary, Minimal. Spring, Vintage and so many more. I’ve selected the Voyager theme – rather predictable, considering I was creating a travel photo book, no? 🙂

travel photo book screenshot

Further, all I had to do is to upload the images of my choice. I’ve selected some of the most memorable photos my mom would enjoy looking through. It wasn’t difficult as the site gives you an option to download photos not only from your computer, but also from major social media channels, Dropbox and Google drive.

travel photo book screenshot

I would suggest selecting only high-resolution images since they are bound to look better when printed.

travel photo book screenshot There is a vast array of add-ons to play with: different backgrounds, layouts, clipart, text fonts, and colors. I didn’t write much in my travel photo book since my mom doesn’t speak English, and I didn’t feel like bringing in the Cyrillic script. Though I’m sure it would work if I tried.

travel photo book screenshot

The checkout process was quick and easy. Speaking of the price, you won’t break the bank when ordering a softcover photo book – the options start as low as Rs 399 (around $6), and there are also attractive discounts on various products.

A quick glimpse into the book

My book was promptly delivered, as promised, after four days since I placed the order. And it looks fantastic! Here is a quick glimpse inside.  For the cover, I’ve chosen one of my favourite photo from our trips together. The Adalaj Vav was the first stepwell she saw (and so did I), and both of us were overwhelmed with impressions.

photo book soft cover

And here is her with her grandkids in one of Mumbai’s many McDonalds. We had lots of fun that day, having a snack at McDonalds after visiting the city aquarium and strolling along the Marine Drive. The photo gives you an idea how thrilled and excited the kids were – they absolutely couldn’t sit still!

travel photo book

Yes, traveling across the city in Mumbai local trains is an experience worth capturing!

photojaanic soft cover book

Exploring the Golconda Fort in Hyderabad was a bit challenging for my mom, considering the size of the fort and many stairs she had to climb. However, her efforts were rewarded by the beauty of the place, and she often refers to this trip as one of her most memorable travel experiences in India.

travel photoalbum

When in Mumbai, a photo with the iconic Taj Hotel is a must.

travel photo album

And here is my mom pointing proudly to her name in the list of train passengers. We don’t have a similar system in Ukraine, so it was something new to her. On the next page my mom is in the beautiful Municipal Garden in Margao, Goa. This garden marked the beginning of our acquaintance with the vibrant culture of Goa, and we spent a blissful hour there admiring the vast array of flowering plants.

photojaanic travel photo book

And this is the giant baobab of Hyderabad. Known as Hatiyan Jhad, or the elephant tree, it comes with a nice legend of forty thieves hiding in its hollow trunk. How tiny mom looks in comparison!

Travel photobook

Here the two of us are near the beautiful Municipal Corporation Building in Mumbai and mom with countless pigeons near the Getaway of India.

Travel photo book

These are just a few examples of pictures I’ve selected for this travel photo book, there are actually twenty pages.

Now I can’t wait to give this book to my mom when she visits us in November. By the way, I’m thinking of ordering one more travel book for my mother-in-law. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, it’s no secret for you that she’s one of my favourite travel companions.  Her birthday is in November as well, so I think it would be a nice occasion. I used to regularly print out photos from our journeys for her, but with Photojaanic it’s way easier to keep travel memories alive.

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fabulous travel photo book

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