Travelling and skincare

Those of you who’ve been following my blog for a while may have noticed that I’m not much of a fashion  and beauty type of girl. I don’t pose in pretty outfits in front of famous landmarks for an instagrammable shot, and my makeup is always minimal. It’s not that I have anything against fashion & beauty trends – I guess my attitude is just a result of sheer laziness 🙂 However,  things like taking care of one’s skin on a trip shouldn’t be ignored. I’ve learned it the hard way. Remember me getting terribly sunburnt in the Golconda fort?

The Golconda Fort

Panoramic view of Hyderabad from the Golconda fort and my sunburnt face 🙂

It’s the instances like this that inspired me to write a guest post on LadyQs – a website that features trusted answers to questions from women around the world. Read my article on how to keep your skin healthy on a journey and don’t repeat my mistakes 🙂



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