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The Ultimate Jodhpur Travel Guide for Busy Travelers

Rajasthan has always been hot on my wish-list – anyone with the tiniest speck of wanderlust will find it hard to resist visiting those cities with poetic, promising names. That’s why I’m more than happy to publish this Jodhpur travel guide, written by Pankaj of Suncity Jodhpur. Enjoy the virtual journey to the Blue City of Rajasthan:

“Blue City” “Sun City” “Surya Nagari”

That’s what they say, when they first visit Jodhpur. Jodhpur is the second largest city in Rajasthan, India.

It is called Blue City because the houses are painted blue around the Mehrangarh Fort.

Jodhpur travel guide - the Blue city
Jodhpur travel guide – the Blue City

It is called Sun City (Hindi: Surya Nagari) because there is bright sunlight all over the year.

It was founded by Rao Jodha in the year 1459. The land of Jodhpur is also called Marwar and its people Marwari.

Jodhpur is also known for its grand marriages. Recently, Major Indian and Foreign celebrities have chosen it for their wedding and birthday celebrations.

Many Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies have featured it. This all means, it has become a popular tourist destination.

Overall, it is still a quiet, calm and peaceful city. Quite clean and well maintained.

How to make your Entry in Jodhpur?

Jodhpur is well connected to all major Indian cities by rail, road and air.

If you are a foreigner, you can first land in Jaipur Airport and then from there come to Jodhpur.

Jodhpur Airport is on its way to becoming an International Airport. Authorities have marked the land.

If you are on a budget OR prefer trains, then there are trains available.

You can also hire your own car and take road travel. This will be the fun part, as the journey will become exciting rather than the destination.

And, who knows you may find a cool place on your way 😉

Other than these, Roadways buses are available for your service. Tickets are available offline as well online.

Where to Stay in Jodhpur?

It all depends on your budget and time available for stay. Yet, I will point you in right direction:

  1. When your stay is short (like 1-2 days) and you prefer luxury. Choose 3 Star hotels in Jodhpur.
  2. When your stay is short (like 3-4 days) OR you are on a budget. Choose Guest house in Jodhpur.
  3. When you stay is 15+ days, I will suggest that you choose Paying Guest (PG) or a Hostel (Zostel is good too). Check out this list of Hotels in Jodhpur.

The point is, there is no thumb rule. Everyone has different choices and taste. So choose accordingly!

 Jodhpur Travel Guide: places to visit in 1-2 days 

Now, you know about Jodhpur. You came here, you chose a place to stay. What next?

Explore Jodhpur! People come to Jodhpur to experience Marwari way of doing things 😉

Assuming you have 1-2 days of stay in Jodhpur, here are the places that you must visit:

Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada & Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

Jodhpur travel guide - the Mehrangarh Fort
Jodhpur travel guide – the Mehrangarh Fort

 These 3 places are close to each other. So, create a combined plan for these.

The sequence I recommend the most is:

  • Start with Mehrangarh fort in the morning (3-4 hours).
  • Then visit Jaswant Thada. It has a park, so you can take some rest, have food and get refreshed (1-2 hours).
  • Then at last visit Rao Jodha Park (1 hour). Note: make sure to hire a guide here.
Jaswant Thada, Jodhpur
Jaswant Thada, Jodhpur

Ghanta Ghar & Sardar Market

So half of the day might have passed by now, depending upon how much time you took.

Next visit Ghanta Ghar & Sardar market. They are 2-3 kms from Mehrangarh Fort.

Jodhpur photos ghanta ghar clock tower
Ghanta Ghar – the clock tower of Jodhpur, stannding proudly in the middle of Sardar market

Since it is market, it might take you 3-4 hours OR more. Here Food items, handicraft items, clothes etc. are available.

Call it a day and rest OR if you are free from these places before afternoon. Then, you can visit these two destinations mentioned below.

 Kaylana Lake & Machiya Safari Park

In Kaylana Lake, you can enjoy boating, birds and beautiful scenes.

Machiya Safari Park is an effort to replace old Jodhpur Zoo. New concept and good place to visit. It is 11 kms from Mehrangarh Fort via Soorsagar road.

Arna Jharna Desert Museum

It is a unique museum in Jodhpur. Those people, who think museums are boring, should visit this place.

You will change your point of view. The museum is themed like a village. Huts and desert!

It’s a great place to learn about various Rajasthani traditions, music, instruments. And, how those instruments came into existence.

Now, for those people who have more time in hand OR are in mood of going further, here is a list of Top 25 Places to Visit in Jodhpur.

What to Eat and Where to Eat in Jodhpur?

So, let’s talk about my favorite thing, FOOD! No Jodhpur travel guide would be complete without mentioning some of our famous dishes.

Since you are in India, you already know that Indian food is different than western food & Chinese food.

Some of the well-known dishes originate to Jodhpur. As you travel around India, you will find shops named “Jodhpur Sweets” at many places. That should tell you something 😉

Some of must eat Jodhpur food items are:

  • Ker Sangari Sabji (aka Panchkutta Sabji)
  • Mawa Ki Kachori
  • Mirchi Badaa
  • Baajre Ka Sogra
  • Dal Bati Churma

Now, you know what to eat, but where to eat these? In Restaurants!

Ker Sangari Sabji & Baajre Ka Sogra can be enjoyed in households. So, if you are living in a guest house, ask the owner about these. He can point you to the places nearby.

Mawa Ki Kachori & Marchi Badaa can be enjoyed in Sweet shops. You can get it packed to enjoy in your hotel room as well.

Dal Bati Churma is so popular that there are specialty shops, selling only it. Bhawani Dal Bati in Jodhpur is a good place.

If you want to try out other food, there are over 25 Restaurants in Jodhpur. Get out of your hotel room and explore them.

Last but not least, I would like to mention famous DPS Dhaba (near DPS School). Tasty food and reasonable rates. Kulfis are also available.

You can eat:

  • Outside (just in front of this building, near road, open space, I like this)
  • Inside (restaurant type)
  • Backside in garden (Garden restaurant type)

But, it is somewhat far from the city (15+kms), still worth the efforts.

Tea & Coffee of a shop, located near Taar Ghar (C-Road, Sardarpura), is famous. Another good shop is on Bhati Circle, Ratanada.

Festivals Celebrated in Jodhpur

All the major Hindu festivals are celebrated in Jodhpur. That said, some noteworthy festivals are:

  • Holi: The festivals of color. People color each other and forget past fights on this day.
  • Raksha Bandhan: A festivals for brothers & sisters.
  • Navratra: In 9 consecutive days, 9 goddesses are worshipped. People play Dandiya (dancing with sticks) in these nights.
  • Deepawali (aka Diwali): Grand festival for Hindus. You must visit Jodhpur during this time. Dussehra celebration in Rawan ka Chabutra (a large field in Jodhpur) is awesome.

Additional Tips & Resources

If you are visiting India for the first time, you need to take care of some things.

The culture is not like west. Know when to trust someone and when not to.

Jodhpur is far safer than other cities of India. People are warm and helpful.

People here believe in “Atithi Devo Bhava” (Guest is God) and they mean it.

Here are some resources that will help you in your travel, take a quick glimpse:

Places to Explore near Jodhpur

Jodhpur will amaze you with its scenes and culture. Yet, you might want to explore places nearby, so here you go:

  • Jaipur: It is the capital of Rajasthan. Visit Amer fort, Jantar Mantar & Birla Mandir (Check out this article about Top 26 Places to Visit in Jaipur)
  • Jaisalmer: It has the Thar Desert in it. Visit Baba Ramdev Temple & Tanot Mata Temple. You will find many camels in Jaisalmer.
  • Udaipur: It is the city of lakes. Visit Lake Pichola Hotel & City palace.
  • Dehli: Capital of India. Visit Qutab Minar, Red fort & Lotus Temple.

I have listed pretty much everything that has popped in mind while writing this Jodhpur travel guide.

If you have found this article, cheer up. Because you won’t need any other source  to visit Jodhpur. Make sure you bookmark it!

With this, I would like to conclude that you definitely should visit Jodhpur at least once in your life. You will remember the experiences forever!


Pankaj Solanki

PS: I am open to comments, questions and feedback on my Jodhpur travel guide. Ask them in the comment section below 🙂


AUTHOR BIO: Pankaj Solanki is a resident of Jodhpur. He helps people explore Rajasthan at He believes in living life at full energy mode 😉

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Jodhpur travel guide for busy travelers


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