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What to drink in India: coconut water!

To be honest, my favorite beverage in India is a sugar-cane juice – all the other juices, cocktails, smoothies, shakes etc. don’t even come close. Sugar-cane juice is refreshing, delicious, nutritious, and cheap. The only problem, it’s not very hygienic. You don’t want to know what sort of water street sellers use for the ice-cubes and how they wash the glasses. That’s why I usually go for my option number two when it comes to the question what to drink in India – coconut water. No matter how and where the coconuts are kept, the water inside will be pure.


Coconut water often helps me to go through the hottest day.

drinkinc coconut juice

When my mom came to visit me in India for the first time, coconut water was one of the first things I introduced  her to.

drinking coconut water

It doesn’t take long for the street sellers to sell off the whole stock: I’m not the only thirsty person in the city  🙂

empty coconut

Coconut water not only boosts hydration, but also has a host of other benefits. When I was pregnant and was wondering what to drink in India in my state, my  doctor strongly recommended me to buy at least one coconut a day. According to her, coconut water increases immunity, helps poor digestion, reduces blood pressure, improves kidney function and so on. Now, I’m not saying I have any of these problems, but apparently they are quite common for pregnant women in general. Besides, coconut water, having low levels of fat, enriches one’s body with potassium and minerals.

Hopefully I’ll never find myself in a situation like that, but they say it’s compatible with human blood, so in emergencies it is  possible to rehydrate one’s body by  administering coconut water intravenously!

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