Eating among the dead in Ahmedabad

Although sampling a new cuisine is undoubtedly a great way to get immersed into the  culture, I never prioritize food when traveling. If I get to taste something interesting – good. If my lunch is a simple egg sandwich from a road-side vendor – not bad either. I won’t waste my time searching for this-and-that restaurant and having a multicourse meal. Ahmedabad was no exception. I’m acquainted with famous Gujarati Thalis  – living in Mumbai, India’s megacity and melting-pot, I had a chance to widen my culinary horizons (although a lot of people would say it’s impossible to get real Gujarati Thali outside Gujarat or real dosa outside Sough India).

Anyway, I never researched on where to eat in Ahmedabad, and my culinary experience in the city is limited to having a quick meal in a small restaurant. But what an extraordinary experience it turned out to be! After visiting Sidi Sayeed Mosque we decided it was time to have lunch, so we asked one of the locals to recommend a place close by. He pointed to the New Lucky Restaurant – it was just across the road. When I entered this place, my attention was immediately caught by the tree in the middle of the restaurant. The owner didn’t cut the tree, but built the eatery around it.

NEw Lucky Restaurant Ahmedabad

I can’t express how refreshing it was. Living in Mumbai for nine years, I’ve seen dozens of poisoned and butchered trees in front of newly opened shops and other businesses.

That miserable tree in front of the posh jewelry shop speaks louder than their grand chandeliers and giant bouquets at the entrance

That miserable tree in front of the posh jewelry shop speaks louder than their grand chandeliers and giant bouquets at the entrance

 But the most amazing thing in this restaurant was not the tree. There were iron grills here and there, and I didn’t give them any importance at first. But when I took a closer look at those mysterious objects, they turned out to be… graves!  The restaurant was built on the site of an old Muslim cemetery and there were coffins between the dining tables. The owner claims they bring good luck to his business (thus the name of the restaurant, Lucky) and provide a unique experience for his customers. I wouldn’t say that I fin  the idea charming, but the experience was unique indeed! 🙂

I don’t have a better picture of the “graveyard” restaurant, but I’ve robbed some from the Zomato website.

Where to eat in Ahmedabad New Lucky Restaurant New Lucky Restaurant Ahmedabad

There was nothing morbid in their menu, however. It was the most ordinary list of South Indian and North Indian dishes you’ll find in any small restaurant in Mumbai. I often go for a spring dosa, and that time I did the same. It was delicious.


So, would I recommend visiting New Lucky Restaurant in Ahmedabad? Sure, if you’re adventurous enough 🙂





9 thoughts on “Eating among the dead in Ahmedabad

  1. How lovely is that! To build your life around agree, and that’s how it’s supposed to be. That jewellery store reminds me of another spa and salon where I had seen someone climb at night to chop off the top of the tree so their miserable business would be more visible…

    • He he, it didn’t feel creepy eating next to the graves, in our culture we have a remembrance day when we go to the cemetery to visit the last resting place of our family members and we have kind of dinner there. But it felt creepy that the graves were inside the restaurant…

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