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White flowers of India – Crape Jasmine (Carnation of India, Moonbeam)

In my earlier post about white flowers of India I emphasized on Mogra, but there is also another popular plant with tiny beautiful whites around – Crape Jasmine, or Moonlight, or Carnation of India. This flowering bush is as widespread as Bougainvillaea, for example, but of course it’s not so showy. Tiny flowers have a “pinwheel” shape and are placed beautifully between the dark green leaves. They often become a target for “flower pluckers” ( In India the sign says “Don’t pluck the flowers” instead of “Don’t pick”). Early in the morning it’s not unusual to see an old lady methodically gathering these flowers around the neighborhood in order to offer them to the gods. Well, no wonder they like them, the blooms are charming indeed!  white-flowers-IndiaI usually stop my kids from gathering flowers during our walks, but sometimes I let them take just one of these little pinwheels”. When we come back home, they insist on putting it in the water 🙂

White flowers of India


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