the prag mahal in bhuj tower
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Why do I regret climbing the damaged tower of the Prag Mahal?

the prag mahal in bhuj tower

I actually climbed this tower of Prag Mahal in Bhuj – just couldn’t resist the temptation of seeing the view. I love looking at cityscapes from above, like I’ve seen Mumbai from the roof of Chhatrapati Shivaji Ternmus (formerly known as Victoria Terminus), Hyderabad from the Golconda fort, Jodhpur from Mehrangarh hill and so many more.

But when I look at these cracks in the walls of the tower – a sad reminder of the horrendious Bhuj earthquake in 2001 – I can’t help thinking how foolish it was of me to climb a damaged structure.

I used to be rather careless where safety is concerned – I was sure the universe loved me and nothing disastrous would ever happen to me. 

As a mom of four kids, my attitude is entirely different. I always take extra trouble in order to stay safe. Leaving my little ones without my care and guidance is one of my biggest fears. It’s me who is responsible for  brining them into this beautiful, but oh so complex world, and it’s unacceptable to let them down. 

So I never engage in potentially dangerous activities when traveling. If the traffic is crazy, I can wait for 20 minutes before crossing the road. If I arrive at my destination in the dead of night, I’d better sit in the waiting room until it brightens up. I refuse extreme activities no matter how tempting they may appear (I didn’t go for zip lining in Jodhpur, for example). So I thought I would publish this post as a reminder to myself to be even more careful. 

To read more about  my expereince visiting the Prag Mahal and see plenty of beautiful photos (at least I hope they are!), click on  the image below: 

What was the most dangerous thing you’ve done when traveling?

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