Why do they bring tourists to the Hanging Gardens of Mumbai

The Hanging Gardens of Mumbai is included in many guides and is usually a part of a standard tour around the city. However, every time I visit it I see some puzzled tourists with a “why did they take us here?” face expression. The park was laid out in the end of the 19th century over the  city’s main water reservoir, and it’s undoubtedly a significant fact, but it’s hardly enough to call it a tourist attraction. The name “hanging gardens” suggests some interesting landscape design and original arrangement of plants, but as @travel-mad (our forum member) said in his blog post Mumbai Day 2 ,

what hanging part meant I have not a clue, apart from maybe a few dead branches hanging from the trees.

Unfortunately, the most interesting part of the park – the paths down the hill – is completely neglected and not easily accessible for the visitors. If it was 3-4 years ago, I would say go there anyway and you won’t regret it – there is a huge variety of trees, lush greenery and beautiful rocky formations there, but at the moment it’s just full of garbage and other unpleasant “surprises”.

Don’t take me wrong, the park on  the top of the hill is a pleasant place for a regular visitor, with its well kept lawns, flower beds and bushes carved into shapes of animals. In the morning it’s always full of joggers, walkers, yoga practitioners, college students who found a better wayto spend time than being bored to death in a classroom, photography enthusiasts and so on. But what about a tourist who is on a short visit in Mumbai? Is visiting the Hanging Gardens a complete waste of time? Well, if you choose between visiting the Hanging Gardens and doing something else in Mumbai, whatever it can be, go for the second option. However, if you have time to spare, there are a few things in  the park that you may find interesting.

Things to do in the Hanging Gardens of Mumbai

Admire the view over the Arabian sea

In day time it’s rather blinding in the bright sun, but in the early morning, the view is really stunning. Unfortunately, my camera can never handle the subtle misty colors of the dawn. And of course, I can imagine how magical the Queen’s Necklace looks in the evening with all the lights – this could be considered one of the most romantic spots of Mumbai.

Take of photo of/with/in Old Woman’s Shoe

It’s not just a place to amuse kids – many Mumbai dwellers have a soft spot for this quaint structure, and therefore it’s one of the most recognized landmarks of the city.

 Find this giant tree 🙂

Giant tree in the Hanging Gardens

Enjoy the flower scene

 If you love flowers, there are a few interesting varieties in the Hanging Gardens (though they could plant much more!). I always go for some flower photography in this place.

Flowers in the Hanging Gardens Flowers in the Hanging Gardens 1

Take your little ones to the playpark

If you happen to be with kids, there is a fairly good playpark in the garden with a separate place for the smallest visitors and even for the kids with special needs. The imported equipment is similar to the one in the Wonders Park in Nerul and children just can’t have enough of playing there.

The Hanging Gardens address:

Hanging Garden, Simla Nagar, Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400006

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