This is Why Every Woman Needs to Take a Solo Trip

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In spite of a plethora of female travel bloggers writing encouraging posts on solo travel, many women still dread the prospect of going for a trip alone.  We girls tend to focus on all the things that could go wrong during such trips (and that’s not without reason), but the actual benefits of taking solo trips do outweigh the concerns. What we need to remember is that the advantages of solo trips, especially for women, can hardly be overestimated.  It’s something every woman with the slightest interest in travelling should look forward to at least once in a lifetime, if not once every year.

All you have to do is take every necessary precaution to ensure you travel safely and trust your guts and instincts. Start getting ready well in advance in order to get used to the thought of your big adventure and reduce the anxiety levels. Thinking like, today I’ll renew my passport, tomorrow I’ll buy a pair of comfy footwear, will make the whole prospect of a solo trip sound more real, more doable, and far less intimidating.  Here are some of the reasons why you should find it compelling to go for a solo trip to any destination of your choice:

Get a sense of freedom

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We live in a time when men and women alike are bound by many obligations, so we’re hardly in any position to talk about freedom, regardless the gender. However, the patriarchy principles are still alive even in the most advanced of societies, resulting in obvious and not-so-obvious restrictions being put on women. That’s why many women live their lives below their full potential. We’re so influenced by opinions of others that it’s almost impossible to hear our own inner voice (or to develop it in the first place).

Travelling solo allows you to leave all those opinions and expectations behind, and rethink your values. And when one starts listening to themselves, it’s the first step to feeling free (even if it’s just a relative modern-age freedom).  During your trip, you get a chance to make choices, ranging from your destination and mode of transport to your travel attire and sunblock brands. And the increasing need for making your own choices is still there when you come back home from your journey.  This sense of freedom is one of the reasons for you to consider embarking on a solo trip as soon as possible.

It makes you become more responsible

When you travel solo, it quickly dawns on you that you’re pretty much alone even if there are thousands of people around you. It depends entirely on your decisions whether this trip is going to be a big success or an epic failure. Your sense of responsibility increases as you have to ensure your own safety, take care of your belongings, arrive in time for your plane or bus, stick to your itinerary and so on. Taking responsibility for your own actions, when there is no one around to blame, is something that is bound to benefit you in many aspects of life.

Do what you want

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From hiking and zip lining to visiting museums and palaces, there is a surplus of fun things to do when you travel. There is always something we are dying to do in our everyday lives and for one reason or another end up not doing it. If you’ve been thinking of having a dinner in a fancy restaurant or taking a boat ride, make sure to include these things into your travel wish list. Solo travel offers so many chances to make your little wishes come true.

Meet new people and increase your confidence

One of the greatest advantages of travelling is to experience different cultures and meet new people. When on the road, there is a good chance of broadening your horizons and forging a lifetime friendship with interesting, clever people. Travelling solo offers an incredible opportunity to meet complete strangers and have the pleasure of making new friends in different places.

If you travel with a partner, the inclination to meet and know new people will always be low since you have someone to talk to or consult on issues during the trip. But on a solo trip, there is no one to assist you and if you need to make some inquiries, you’ll have to strike a conversation with people you meet on the way. And talking to someone you’ve just met will help you build up your confidence and personal skills, which can be applied in other areas of life.

If you are generally shy and your self-confidence is low, a solo trip might be the therapy you need to boost your social skills. The challenges of traveling solo inevitably make you more assertive.

Discover yourself

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When you travel alone, you give yourself an opportunity to be with yourself. You have no one to interact with in one way or another, unless you choose to do so. It is a great time to carry out a deeply personal reflection and analysis. You will have all the time to think over both the tiny details of your life and your major goals.
If you have gone through a rough period, such as heartbreak or loss of a loved one, you may want to consider going for a trip to a place of your choice to help you recover.

These are just a few reasons to consider embarking on a solo trip, and if you have more, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments.

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