Zero Mile Stone - geographic center of India in Nagpur
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Zero Mile Stone and other places of interest in Nagpur

The abundance of Nagpur oranges at the  local fruit markets has reminded me that I was going to share my impressions about this city. I happened to make a trip to Nagpur a few month ago when visiting some family from my husband’s side, and although my visit had nothing to do with sightseeing or travel blogging, I made sure to look around a bit and see what the  city had to offer. 

Things to do in  Nagpur 

Located in the central part of India, Nagpur is the third largest city  in the state  of  Maharashtra after Mumbai and Pune. Parhaps it’s not the  first city that comes to mind when traveling in  India, but it definitely has a fair share of experiences and sights to offer to a curious visitor. Besides, the Nagpur Duronto train  conveniently takes you from Mumbai to Nagpur overnight, so why not? Some of the popular things to do in  Nagpur include: 

  • Going on  an orange farm tour 
  • Visiting the Central Museum to learn about  dinosaurs’ fossils, megalithic sarcophagus, coins and armours, sculptures and painting, triba art and musical instruments. 
  • Admiring the beauty of the  Futala Lake 
  • Marveling the architecture of old churches (St. Frncis de Sales Cathedral, All Saints Cathedral to name a couple) 
  • Eating orange burfi and other delicacies at Haldiram’s (a world famous sweet and snack brand) 
  • Spotting tigers at Tadoba Anhari National Park
  • Visiting  Zero Mile Stone monument

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Zero Mile Stone monument in Nagpur  

Zero Mile Stone monument in Nagpur consists of a pillar and four horses standing on their hind legs with fore-legs off the ground. It was erected by the British in the beginning of the 19th century to signify the geographic center  of  India. The monument was built during the the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India, and the hexagonal bases  of the pillar show distances to different cities in the  south, south-east, east, north-east, north-west and west of the country. From the point of view of aesthetics and cultural significance, the pillar is rather generic and doesn’t provoke any thoughts, but I wonder what the idea was behind the four half-buried galloping horses.   

Although the geographic center of present-day India is believed to be in  the city of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, the Zero Mile Stone monument still holds interest from the historic view point.  

Zero Mile Stone location 

Zero Mile Stone can be found on the Wardha Road, Civil Lines in Nagpur. The major drawback that turns its potential visitors off is that the monuments is located at the corner  of two adjacent busy roads, and it’s not very conveniet to examine is from every angle. Also, it may not be the best idea to visit the place with small children, considering the heavy traffic right next to the monument. 

Zero Mile Stone photos 

Zero Mile Stone monument in Nagpur
Zero Mile Stone monument in Nagpur
Zero Mile Stone - geographic center of  India in  Nagpur
Galloping half-buried horses
Zero Mile Stone Nagpur things to do
Busy road near Zero Mile Stone in Nagpur
The pillar of Zero Mile Stone in Nagpur
The pillar
Zero Mile Stone pillar base
Zero Mile Stone pillar base
Distances to cities in India
Distances to cities in India

What else is there to see near Zero Mile Stone in Nagpur?

Across the road from the Zero Mile Stone monument there is a memorial of the Adivasi Gowari Stampede – a sad reminder of the 1994 events, when 114 people of the Gowari community (caste of cattle herdsmen) lost their lives during mass protests in Nagpur. They tried to appeal to the local authorities, demanding reservations in government jobs and education, but  no minister showed up to take up their petition. Nagpur Police tried to control the  huge crowd of more than fifty thousand people, but panic amongst the protesters caused a disastrous stampede. As history repeatedly shows, people have to die in great numbers in order to get their rights acknowledged and granted. 

So the memorial consist of a colorful mural, depicting scenes from the Gowari shepherds’ everyday life, group of sculptures and an abstract monument symbolizing a bunch of shepherds’ sticks.

Have you been to Nagpur? Would you visit? 


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