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My mom’s India

Can you imagine what it’s like to live all your life in a small quiet town and then all of a sudden make a trip to a far away land, thousands miles from home? Well, my mom certainly can. She never revealed any particular desire to travel, but mother’s love works miracles, and soon after I moved to India she scheduled her first trip to visit me.

To say I was worried is to say nothing – the main concern was her limited (or rather non-existent) English. How would she ask for directions? What if custom officers ask her something and she won’t be able to reply? I wrote a list of phrases with Russian translation, then asked her to print them out and just point the right one to people in case of some difficulties. So she did in Mumbai airport, where a helper swindled her by taking $10 for a short phone call. But well, she arrived safely and that’s the most important.

Like for everyone else, a visit to India was a big eye opener for her, but to be honest I expected a bigger impact of the cultural shock on my mom. But no, it seems living in a small world of a provincial town doesn’t prevent one from being open minded enough to accept the different ways of other cultures.

So, for my mom India is…

1. … being taken aback at the first moments in Mymbai Airport. It feels fascinating to step out from the colds of Ukrainian autumn into the heat of eternal Indian summer 🙂


2. …tasting the [url=]coconut water[/url] for the first time. Unfortunately, she didn’t like it (unlike me 🙂 )


3. … eating dosa to your heart content 🙂

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4 … admiring the architecture of Mumbai (here we have lots in common 🙂

DSC085755. … being overwhelmed with the beauty and diversity of the Indian [url=]flowers[/url]

2012--20--11 025

6. … Feeding hundreds of pigeons near the [url=]Gateway of India [/url]


7. … sleeping in Mumbai local trains (I often do that too:))


8. … making a ferry trip to the Elepnata Island and being scared to death 🙂 she can’t swim, so she couldn’t stop thinking what she was going to do in case the ferry suddenly started sinking!


9. … talking to a monkey 🙂


10. … exploring the ancient caves


11. …celebrating [url=]Christmas[/url]! (Which was not white at all 🙂 )

2012--24--12 005

12. … visiting a popular travel destination (Karla caves)


13. … taking a horse carriage ride!

2012--31--10 035 2012--31--10 033 2012--31--10 034

14. … taking exotic photos 🙂


15. … having a snack at one of the American fast food joints

2012--16--12 042

17. … and above all – spending time with her beloved grand-kids! 

2012--03--11 044

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