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FORUM RULES and Terms of USE……..

These are rules that make www.indiapalette.com (hereafter ‘India Palette’ or ‘the site’ or ‘forum’) an interesting and enjoyable experience for everyone. By browsing the site and forums, by registering on the site or by using the site or its systems, including the forums, in any way (hereafter ‘using the site’), you thereby agree to abide by the terms and conditions elucidated below, and to not hold the owners, administrators or moderators (hereafter ‘the administration’) liable in any way for any actions they may take in setting up, administering or enforcing these rules, or in any action they may take in creating or running the site.

  • Swearing is absolutely prohibited, as are any derogatory or inflammatory remarks. India Palette is a place for respectful and interesting conversation. Posts that in the opinion of the administration violate this norm will be deleted in the interests of the community, for which action the user agrees to not hold the owners liable in any way.
  • Please do not post your email address (or ANY personal contact information) in the forum. There are harvesting bots that surf the net, and which will take your email address and add it to spam mailing lists – a fate considered by some to be one far worse than death. If you must give your email address or personal contact information to someone, do so in a private message. Please bear in mind that people can lie and misrepresent themselves online… and often do! It is advised that you use the site’s messaging system for at least a month or two when you first get to know a person, before switching to email.
  • You are not allowed to post a link to your website for obviously promotional or commercial purposes. Advertising of ANY sort, textual or otherwise, is not permitted. India Palette is a community of genuine people, and while commerce has its place in society, that place is not here. Promotional or commercial postings will be deleted in the interests of the community.
  • Racism and bigotry of any kind are not allowed on India Palette, which is, after all, a global community. Political discussions are also discouraged, other than the most open-minded and relaxed conversations. Violent ‘pushing’ of any personal belief that the other members of the community do not necessarily believe or sympathize in is also seriously discouraged. Posts that violate this ethos will be transferred to the blazing halls of Hades, or arbitrarily to any other destination (or oblivion) that appeals to the owner, administrator or moderator in question.
  • Double Postings are not allowed. Place your question in the forum section that best suits it. If your post asks the same question twice or attempts to start a topic that already exists, it might be edited, moved or deleted.
  • The administration reserve the right to edit or delete posts (with or without messaging the respective user who made the post about it) that in their opinion do not conform to the terms elucidated within this document, and to the spirit and focus of the site.
  • Those who ignore or violate the rules elucidated in this document can be, at the sole discretion of the administration, be banned, temporarily or permanently, from using the site. By using the site, a user thereby agrees that no liability attaches to the administration for any such action, or for any other action that the administration undertake in running the forum.

This set of rules may continue to evolve as the site travels through time. If you have any objection to any of these rules, let us know and we will take your point of view into consideration. However, the final decision on this or any other question that arises in the creation, management or administration of the site devolves solely with the administration.

The user, by using the site, does thereby agree that neither the administration nor any user of the site may be held liable in any way for any posting, opinion, help or advice upon it, nor for the results of a user following the said opinions and advice. These are personal opinions, nothing more, and must be taken as such. By using the site, you thereby allow and agree with the site’s and administration’s policy of information gathering and cookie management, and do thereby also agree that the administration have the right to edit, delete or move posts as they see fit, or ban a user at their sole discretion and that no liability of any sort will attach to these actions, or to any action that we undertake in the creation, management and administration of this site, its systems and sub-systems. In the event that the site is hacked, you also agree by using this site that no liability of any sort shall thereby attach to the administration.

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